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Novec2Novec™ 1230 is an odourless, colourless, electrically non-conductive fluid that evaporates rapidly. It was designed as a replacement for Ozone Depletion Substances such as halon. Novec™ 1230 has a minimal impact on the environment and a negligible global warming potential. It is designed to protect important and sensitive data processing and telecommunications equipment as well as museums and archives, which otherwise would be subject to irretrievable damage if traditional sprinkler systems were used.

Novec™ 1230 has the lowest design concentration and a higher safety margin. Its ozone depletion potential is zero and its atmospheric lifetime is extremely low, only five days. 

It has the appearance of water (it is a liquid at atmospheric pressure), it spills and flows in a similar way, but it does not wet objects so it does not damage any equipment. It is particularly useful for fighting fires where water can cause more damage than the fire itself, or where the use of water is simply not feasible, such as in banks, museums and hospitals. It is possible to immerse electronic equipment in Novec™ 1230 without causing the slightest damage so it is widely used in fire protection systems in computer rooms, data processing centres, and so on. One advantage of Novec™ 1230 is that as a liquid agent it can be transported in drums, which is much simpler than using pressurised cylinders. This means that it can be sent by air in bulk. This liquid can be poured, it has low viscosity and is easy to handel. Discharges are also safe and produce very little noise.

Novec1Novec™ 1230 agent extinguishes fires by physical means, through its cooling effect, weakening the fire until it disappears, by absorbing heat while at the same time preventing contact between the combustible material and oxygen to prevent combustion. It also absorbs heat from the flame and fuel (endothermic break point). 

The agent is stored in cylinders as a liquid pressurised with nitrogen, and when discharged it turns into a clourless and odourless gas. In the Siex system, cylinders are pressurised with dry nitrogen to 24 bar or 42 bar. Its storage pressure allows the use of standard pipes and fittings such as grooved couplings, reducing installation costs. 



Generel features:

 - Environmentally friendly extinguishing agent
- Atmospheric lifetime of only five days

- Fast extinguishment (discharge time: 10 seconds)- Minimum installation footprint

- Fluid can be poured, has low viscosity and is easy to handle

- Non-toxic, non-corrosive and electrically non-conductive

- High safety margin

- Easy to refill

- High efficiency with a low extinguishing concentration

- No restrictions for air, land or sea transport

- Worldwide approval



Zwischenbodenfalse floors, false ceilings,
cable tunnels

ComputerraumData processing rooms, telecommunications, communication centres, server racks

ArchivMuseums archives,

KreuzfahrtschiffCargo vessels, Kreuzfahrtschiff transportation vehicles

MaschineEngine rooms,
motor rooms control rooms


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